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The office today

Left on my own, my other team member being off on annual leave I was left to deal with the constant ringing from nurses and consultants alike begging answers regarding how the new pension scheme will affect them. The changes to the NHS Pension scheme in 2015 will mean longer working years plus less money basically. At 35 now I have decided not let it worry me as by the time I reach my retirement age of 68 no doubt it will have changed again. I do get good death benefits so while I have a young child this is a good enough reason to keep paying in.
After countless times of answering “I don’t know how it will affect you” I decided I should actually have a read of the limited literature I had received on the matter so at least I knew a little of what was happening. It is my job anyway, we’ll I am only the admin support but I can still help when the pensions officer isn’t there.
Luckily for me another team, the payroll team sit in our office so I wasn’t totally alone. I had friends and colleagues around to at least chat and gossip to relieve the boredom.
I learnt one of the young lads is ‘seeing’ someone, another is planning to propose to his girlfriend, more on this another time, a whole blog could be dedicated to this subject! And I spoke quietly to a few member of the office about my recent stink on deal or no deal, for which I haven’t yet made public, also more on this at another later date.
Today is pretty much summed up, I am about to pack for my first ever spa weekend tomorrow and then settle down to a cheeky wine and Jonathan creek.
Good night cowboys xxx